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Foot surgery and paediatric orthopaedics are devoted to the surgical treatment and conservative care of congenital and acquired disorders and injuries of the foot and ankle joint among patients of all ages.

In terms of their structure and function, the foot and ankle form a highly complex set of bones, consisting of around 30 joints and more than 100 ligaments, tendons and capsules.

Specialised expertise is absolutely essential to treat disorders or deformities of this musculoskeletal system which depends on the coordinated interaction of the fore-, mid- and hindfoot as well as muscle balance in order to function properly.

Dr. Wolfram Wenz is one of the world’s leading experts - if not the leading expert - in the correction of the most extreme foot and ankle deformities, even in cases where previous correction attempts have failed.

The primary aim of orthopaedic intervention is always the functional reconstruction of the foot or ankle, with a particular focus on muscle balance.

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Dr. med. Wolfram Wenz, Dr. Foot

Dr. med Wolfram Wenz, Heidelberg

Foot surgery, Paediatric orthopaedics

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